Met Office issues two-week tropical storm warning

The Met Office has warned that tropical storm activity this month will “have a significant impact” on the weather across the UK.

According to the Bristol PostTheir predictions show heavy rains between the 16th, significantly affecting the weather in the mid-latitudes. “

Temperatures will be in the low 20s across much of the UK today before climbing to 25 ° C by the middle of next week.

As the Met Office explains, “Currently, the evidence suggests the unresolved issue is likely to persist through the middle of the month, with weak evidence of possible drier conditions in late September.

“Hence, rainfall is expected to be above average initially, with the chance that it will later subside and tend towards or drier than average.

“Following this pattern, temperatures are expected to fluctuate around the average in the middle of the month, with some occasional warm spells – these more in the southeast and perhaps stronger towards the end of the month.”

There was a heat wave in July with temperatures as high as 32 ° C.

But there has been little warmth for the country since then – although the Met Office says 2021 will be one of the ten hottest summers ever.


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