Met Office issues worrying update after September heatwave

The Met Office has warned the British that the country may not experience much more amazing weather after this week’s mini heat wave.

Most of the country has seen extremely hot temperatures this week, with highs of 26 ° C in some areas.

However, it appears that the hot weather isn’t going to last long at the end of the week due to showers and thunderstorms.

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Troubled and gruesome conditions will be the main theme of the weather for Thursday and Friday, according to weather experts.

A yellow weather warning was issued for the Midlands and Wales yesterday, Tuesday 7 September.

The Met Office’s deputy chief meteorologist Dan Harris said: “The hot and clear weather that is currently prevalent in much of the UK is expected to collapse in the middle of the week when showers and thunderstorms arrive.

“These will initially affect the south west of the UK on Wednesday before moving steadily north through Thursday and Friday, developing in most areas.

“Thunderstorm warnings have been issued in a number of areas to highlight the potential for isolated impacts, including surface water flooding of homes and businesses, traffic disruptions, and very isolated damage to infrastructure from lightning or hail.

“The semi-random nature of showers and thunderstorms means that in many places there will be no thunderstorms at all. ”

Though many areas will avoid the worst of the showers, thunderstorms are possible in the area, and anywhere from 30mm to 50mm of rain could fall in less than three hours, although these sums are likely to be seen in few places.

In other parts of the UK, and particularly in the north and east, Wednesday will remain a fine, dry day with some eastern parts of England likely to hit heat wave thresholds.

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