Meta Is Creating Universal And Instant Translator

Meta Is Creating Universal And Instant Translator

meta: During an event focused on artificial intelligence, meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced new projects aimed at language translation. The company’s goal is to refine the technology that currently exists to facilitate communication in the metaverse.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s two main initiatives aimed at language translation are called “No Language Left Behind” and “Universal Speech Translator”. Together, the solutions promise to produce a universal language translator, capable of quickly translating any language, and which works instantly.

According to Zuckerberg, the company has been working on the solution for years. The project started with the adaptation of a few languages, but currently it works with hundreds of languages. with this, meta intends to facilitate communication on the internet and, more importantly for the company, in the metaverse.

meta also said that it is developing ways to reduce the bridges that exist in translation systems today, aiming to make the solution more and more instantaneous. The company explained that the automated translations available on the internet tend to adapt all languages ​​to English and then change the text to the target language. One of the company’s goals is to reduce this path to streamline communication.


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