Meta Works On A Smartwatch To Rival The Apple Watch

meta: It’s been a day since Mark Zuckerberg changed his company’s name and we’re already using his new name, aware that this is the company’s present. We are of course talking about meta, who already has plans for the near future. Everything is primarily based on making the relevant changes so users get used to distinguishing it from Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it has projects as important as making a smartwatch.

Meta already has plans for its first hardware

Mobile devices are more fashionable than ever and all hardware companies know this. Many have not only launched a mobile phone, but also important accessories such as a smartwatch, a sports band or headphones. In meta they have their own hardware plans and the latest data suggests the company is working on a smartwatch.

Keep in mind that this wouldn’t be the company’s first device, as they released the Portal devices and the Oculus Quest in the days of Facebook. They will also soon change their name to the name of meta for the last name of the devices. But now they want to be much closer to the users, much closer than using a mobile phone application.

According to what Bloomberg has, they have already prepared a terminal model, according to what the media notes and according to the image: “The photo shows a watch with a screen and a case slightly curved at the edges. The front camera, similar to what you would see on a smartphone appears at the bottom of the screen and there is a clock control button on the right side.”

In fact, just because of the shape, many will think that this meta smartwatch resembles the Apple Watch and could be a clear rival to beat. We will just have to wait for the company to confirm all these data and surprise us with the final design of the device and its features in a subsequent conference. There may be a long way to go before this moment arrives, so we have to hold out until 2022.

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