MH370 search team claim 'exact location' of missing mystery jet is close

A fresh hunt has been launched for the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 jet after a new report has claimed to pinpoint a possible resting place of the missing plane

A tribute to the missing jet at a beach in Malaysia

A fresh hunt for the missing MH370 airplane has been launched as investigators scour the seabed for the missing jet.

Eight years after the flight vanished, a new report claims to have found the “exact location” of the Malaysian Airlines jet.

It vanished in March 2014, along with the 239 passengers and crew onboard, with no one able to confirm what happened to it.

The plane departed Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing on March 8, but lost contact with air traffic control after 38 minutes.

However now, new technology could solve the nearly decade old mystery.

Australian air safety investigators have renewed their search after a report from Richard Godfrey, a British aerospace engineer.

A recreation of what could have been the final moments of the MH370 jet


National Geographic)

He has claimed that the plane went down 933km west of Perth and currently sits at the bottom of the ocean under 4,000m of water.

Angus Mitchell of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has renewed focus on what he calls “the largest unsolved mystery of our time”.

Mr Mitchell stressed he did not want to give the victims’ families false hope, but said that Mr Godfrey’s research was “credible” but stopped short of saying it would be enough to find the aircraft.

In an upcoming Sky News Australia documentary, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has confirmed it and Geoscience Australia have been looking over Godfrey’s data.

While the bureau’s involvement in the search officially concluded five years ago, their new chief commissioner Mitchell has renewed focus on the missing plane.

Godfrey, a Germany-based Brit, first became interested in doomed flights after the Air France Flight 447 vanished on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, in May 2009.

The main fuselage has never been found



He had been due to fly on it, but was asked to remain in South America on business, which delayed his departure by two weeks, saving his life.

The flight disappeared with 288 people on board and it was only found in the Atlantic two years later.

He said: “When I saw that Air France 447 had crashed in the middle of the Atlantic I got involved in reading up on that story and followed the underwater search for the wreckage.

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“I dodged death. There but for the grace of God go I.

“When I saw what happened with MH370 I saw parallels and had to look into it.”

He said he has been able to track the plane’s final movements using a system called Weak Signal Propagation, or, in his words, a “bunch of tripwires that work in every direction over the horizon to the other side of the globe,” which are triggered when planes disrupt the signal when they fly through.

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