Microsoft Cloud May Announce PC Service Soon

Microsoft Cloud PC service is coming soon, Microsoft is working on the Microsoft Cloud PC service and preparation of a new shopping experience for Windows 10. According to news from the ZDNet site, the Azure-based service could be operational in June or the first days of July.

The Cloud PC service allows users to remotely access their Windows computers and use applications such as Office. It’s easy to guess that this is a feature that will appeal to those who often switch devices and want to access the same desktop everywhere.

Microsoft Cloud PC service can also be useful for users whose system is not strong, but whose internet connection is fast enough. This service allows companies to equip their employees with some hardware devices and manage their Windows 10 networks through Microsoft Cloud Pc.

Microsoft is said to market this service as a managed Microsoft 365 experience. It is also said that the company will charge one price per user. However, it is also said that Microsoft may apply different prices depending on the memory and storage space.

Details about the Cloud PC service are said to be available for sharing at the Microsoft Build 2021 conference. An announcement that will be made at the conference, which will take place between May 25 and 27, will coincide with the time interval marked for the release of the Microsoft Cloud PC service.

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