Microsoft Discontinues App From Sending iPhone Content To PCs

Microsoft: The iOS version of Microsoft’s Continue on PC app received an update this Thursday (24). However, instead of new features or bug fixes, it has been revealed that the program will end on July 27, 2021.

The App Store update history informs you that the app is no longer supported as of the date listed. So the developers thanked the people who allowed them to be part of the “link-sharing experience”.

Microsoft Edge as an alternative

Continue on PC adds additional functionality that allows the iPhone or iPad to send content to a Windows 10 PC. Then the link can be opened automatically in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Although it is a useful tool, it has become obsolete. That’s because the iOS version of Edge has the same built-in feature, and you can also sync browsing history between devices when you sign in to the same account.

After the recent update, users will see a new message on the app’s home screen. As such, she recommends that “to continue sharing web pages between devices, install Edge”.

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