Home Entertainment Microsoft does not care if you buy an Xbox Series

Microsoft does not care if you buy an Xbox Series

Microsoft does not care if you buy an Xbox Series

Microsoft does not care if you buy an Xbox Series X, and that’s a PROBLEM…..


Microsoft is preparing to launch the Xbox Series X this vacation season alongside Sony’s PS5, but the two companies are taking different approaches to the next generation.

You wont need to buy an Xbox Series X to play the best Xbox games you are going to be able to play almost everything on PC with Xbox Game Pass or in your phone with xCloud.
Microsoft’s multi-pronged strategy might be too far for some gamers who only need to buy a new box and set it under their TV for another five to ten years.
In theory, Microsoft’s plan for another game console generation is brilliant and exciting. Rather than concentrate on a single, expensive piece of hardware that will define the next seven years of the organization’s strategy, Microsoft has made a decision to lessen the value of the Xbox console and turn nearly every smart device you own into a Xbox with xCloud.

After xCloud is fully operational, you will be able to play the biggest Xbox games in your telephone or tablet, and it will not matter if a Microsoft-branded box is sitting under your television or not. There are four pillars to Microsoft’s next-gen strategy: Xbox Series X, Xbox One, xCloud, and Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is denying that the Xbox collection X as the most powerful video game console of all time, but will still continue to encourage the Xbox One for at least the next couple of decades.

 In reality, there apparently won’t be an Xbox Series X-only game from Microsoft or some of its first-party studios before 2022 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Game Pass hit 10 million subscribers earlier this season, and it will continue to be the beating heart of this Xbox ecosystem for years to come. $10 a month gets you access to each Xbox Games Studio title going forward, in addition to heaps of third-party titles that will rotate in and out every month. If you don’t have an Xbox Series X or a Xbox you to play those games on, xCloud will bring them into your phone.

Sony’s next-gen strategy has one pillar: PS5.

I adore the concept of Microsoft’s next-gen roadmap, and I intend to take advantage of all the services the company must provide to play Halo Infinite through Game Pass on my PC and through iCloud on my mobile phone. My only issue is that Microsoft is attempting to spin too many plates at the same time, and lots of gamers will opt for the simplicity of Sony’s strategy.





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