Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Coming To Xbox Series X And S

Microsoft Flight Simulator releases on July 27 on Xbox Series X and S consoles. Available on Xbox Game Pass, this is the first exclusive game from the next-generation Xbox Game Studios. Because Microsoft Flight Simulator has not been released for Xbox One. Microsoft released a gameplay trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X as part of the E3 2021 event. This is very similar to the PC version that runs in 4K.

How well the game performs on Xbox Series X and S may be due to developer Asobo Studio’s migration from Microsoft Flight Simulator to DirectX 12. This work has been underway for some time and is expected to include major performance improvements on the PC side. Microsoft Flight Simulator has a bad reputation for heavy CPU and GPU usage at 4K ultra settings, and struggles to hit 60fps even with the latest processors and GPUs.

However, Microsoft does its best to make Flight Simulator run more efficiently. “Xbox is definitely reinvigorating our optimization efforts,” said Microsoft Flight Simulator chief Jorg Neuman in a statement to The Verge last year. Therefore, the Xbox version will likely be much more optimized for Xbox Series X and S hardware.

We’ll see how it performs when Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on Xbox Series X/S on July 27. In addition, Microsoft has announced a new Top Gun expansion for Flight Simulator, which will be released later this year.

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