Microsoft made final warning for Adobe Flash

Microsoft made final warning for Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash, which we will say goodbye to at the end of 2020, will blend into the dusty shelves of technology history. The warning that Internet Explorer 11, Chromium-based Edge and Edge Legacy browsers will end Adobe Flash support has been renewed for the last time by Microsoft.

Microsoft made final warning for Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash, which we knew with flash games in the first widespread period of the Internet, unfortunately, is not sufficient anymore with the developing technology. That’s why most tech giants are now ending support for Flash.

Microsoft, which previously announced that it would end its support at the end of this year, reminded users again. The company, which announced that it will end its support last year and later changed its mind, announced that it will no longer develop Flash in 2017, and this time it seems certain that Adobe and other companies take sides.

The US tech giant will optionally present an “Update to remove Adobe Flash Player plug-in” notification for Internet Explorer 11, Edge Legacy and Chromium-based Edge browsers in early 2021. In the process, this option will become recommended. For the summer of 2021, all APIs, group rules, interfaces designed for Flash will be removed from Edge Legacy and IE 11 browsers.


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