Microsoft Office Has Got The Expected Feature For Android!

Microsoft Office finally got the expected feature for Android. Microsoft Office Users can now take advantage of the dark mode innovation.

Dark mode is getting more and more trendy every day. This feature, which is arguably one of the best developments in recent years, enables the user in general; It focuses on protecting eye health while handling a phone, tablet or computer. Application developers are also making some updates to keep up with this system-wide feature. Now this expected update has come Microsoft Office Android users.

People who have long demanded that dark mode come Microsoft Office can now use this long awaited feature. With the new update, the company has finally made the Office application its expected feature.

Microsoft Office for Android dark mode released

New version of Micrososft Office for Android; It offers a pleasant dark mode experience surrounded by gray and black borders. There are two options for users to enable this mode. The first is the device settings, that is, the theme that changes according to the system mode. The second is a theme that comes with the application and can be turned on and off as needed.

Office users with an Android system can now experience the dark mode of the application.

You can start using the dark mode offered for the Office application in Microsoft’s Android version by updating it to the latest version in the Google Play Store. The company, which developed the black color with a tone that is more pleasing to the eye, gave a good design experience. At the same time, there is no confusion in the texts within the application. So while you see documents or other text in white color, you can experience the new dark mode in the background.

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