Microsoft rectifies: will not raise the price of Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft is also removing the need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold in order to play various free-to-play titles from the Xbox One and Xbox Series catalog.

Yesterday afternoon, the controversy arose over a decision by Microsoft to increase the price of all variants of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. In this way, the annual subscription was no less than double the previous price, at 59.99 euros, which corresponds to the subscription for 6 months instead of a year. Fortunately, Microsoft is pulling out, and this increase, which was also confirmed to be implemented in our country, will ultimately be ineffective.

“We made a mistake today, and you are right if you let us know,” the North American company said in an official statement. “Connecting and playing with friends is an essential part of video games and we have failed to meet the expectations of gamers who rely on it every day. We have decided not to change the price of Xbox Live Gold.”

Changes to Free to Play

In addition, Microsoft has changed another rather unpopular aspect of Xbox Live Gold membership, and it was essential to play video games for free with online functionalities, such as Fortnite or Warframe, for example.

“We’re using this moment as an opportunity to bring Xbox Live closer to how we see the player at the center of their experience,” the post continued. “Playing free games no longer requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play on Xbox. We are working hard to implement this change as soon as possible in the coming months. “

This statement ends by recalling the different prices for the different subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, depending on the time they are for, and ultimately remaining as they were: 9’99 euros for one month, 24’99 euros for three months, 39’99 for six months and 59’99 for a whole year.

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