Microsoft Will Improve Its Accessibility Features; So Are The New Options For Xbox

Microsoft reaffirms its wish that all users have methods of enjoying their products. We will tell you the announced changes. Accessibility in video games has become very important for businesses in recent years. Every day there are more video games that offer all kinds of settings designed so that people with different disabilities can enjoy each experience; From games like Psychonauts 2 to peripherals like the DualSense on the PS5, they have options that allow them to adapt to each player in a way that wasn’t possible in the past. Microsoft is one of the companies that has placed the most emphasis on this initiative, and at the recent Xbox Accessibility Showcase it confirmed the new wave of features that its consoles will get.

The video game within everyone’s reach: these are the new features for Xbox and Windows

We will see the first significant change in Microsoft’s Own Store: Once the update arrives, we will be able to check all accessibility options in each game’s tab. These include elements such as narration in the menus, the colorblind settings and the ability to freely configure the controls, among other settings that allow each person to adapt to the chosen title.

The labels displayed in the Microsoft Store informs about up to 20 available features, such as keyboard and mouse support, the ability to play with a single stick of the controller or enlarge the subtitles, and many others.

From Redmond, they also wanted to reiterate their commitment to accessibility: “We are proud of the work that has been done to make video games more accessible to the world’s 400 million disabled players. The pandemic has taught us the power of play in creating and maintaining connections and what it means to be inclusive. ”

In addition, the Xbox Accessibility Insider League app is now available to collect user feedback and suggestions. In this sense, Microsoft don’t just focus on new functions; It is also committed to improving the measures implemented long ago. It is a program that you can install on your Xbox console as well as on Windows 10.

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