Microsoft’s application in the App Store has been updated!

Xbox app for Apple has been updated. The new update allows Xbox One owners to play their games on Apple devices. As you know, there is a new Xbox app in the App Store that offers the ability to remotely play games from Xbox One console owners on an iPhone or iPad.

Xbox app updated for Apple

The remote play feature is known as a different service from Microsoft’s xCloud service, where games are shared directly from servers rather than your own Xbox One console.

This Xbox Remote play feature draws attention to the fact that it only connects to your Xbox console, not xCloud. The PS4, which is offered for Sony’s Android and iOS devices, is a feature similar to the “Remote Play” feature.

The application, called Xbox in the App Store, also supports the ability to access the Xbox console via Wi-Fi or even an LTE or 5G connection.

The Xbox app allows you to control your existing Xbox and start your console remotely from outside your home. Xbox returns to standby mode when you are not using it or when you disconnect it.

It is worth remembering that a new Xbox application for Android users has recently been introduced. On the other hand, Xbox’s Play Store app has the updated features of the App Store app we mentioned earlier.

This new Xbox app is also much faster than the previous iOS version, and overall the design is said to match the new control panel and user interface on Xbox. The revamped design appears to be ready for Microsoft’s release of Xbox Series X / S consoles on November 10.

An update to Microsoft’s Xbox app for iOS and iPadOS is now available for download.

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