Midlands becomes first region in England to give a million Covid jabs

The Midlands are the first region in England to deliver more than a million first doses of coronavirus vaccine, new figures from NHS England show.

The data also shows that London still lags all other regions in terms of the total number of shocks delivered, as it has delivered around 641,000 since December 8th.

The capital also delivered the lowest number of first doses in the past seven days.

219,350 first doses were administered in London between January 17 and 23, compared with 362,976 in the Midlands.

It comes after London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Jan. 18 that it was “important” that vulnerable Londoners receive “life-saving” vaccines as soon as possible and that he “fully expected” the number increases.

According to the Trust for London, the capital has a lower average age than the rest of the UK.

Around 3% of London’s population is over 80 years old, compared to 6% in the south west of England.

The data from NHS England shows that since December 8, England has had a total of 5,970,175 vaccinations including the first and second dose.

The regional breakdown shows the second highest number of shocks delivered after the Northeast Midlands and Yorkshire with 905,794 first doses and 71,725 ​​second doses for a total of 977,519.

It is followed by the Southeast with 881,901 first doses and 76,288 second doses, giving a total of 958,189, and the Northwest where a total of 829,130 ​​bursts were given, including 765,617 first doses and 63,513 second doses.

In the east of England there were a total of 734,392 bursts of which 680,812 were first cans and 53,580 were second cans.

And in the Southwest, 632,406 first doses and 53,508 second doses – a total of 685,914 – were given.


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