MIJIA 2C: Xiaomi Introduced Its New Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

MIJIA 2C introduced. Xiaomi, whose name we heard with smart home technologies apart from smartphones, made its debut with its new robotic vacuum cleaner MIJIA 2C.

Xiaomi confronted its users with its many technological products and smartphones and introduced its new smart robot vacuum cleaner MIJIA 2C.

Xiaomi’s MIJIA 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which was first launched in October 2019 as a cheaper version of the popular range of robot vacuum cleaners; It was loved by users with its 2500 Pa suction power, smart sensors and other features.

New product from Xiaomi: MIJIA 2C robot vacuum cleaner

The MIJIA 2C robotic vacuum cleaner comes with several upgrades from previous models. The broom with a hex side brush and a 0.1mm fiber main brush to better clean the corners and floor surfaces of the house; It also has a press mop.

In this new MIJIA 2C from Xiaomi, it is covered with an antibacterial agent, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria for a long time; using ultra-fine fiber flexible wipes. In addition, the new generation of robot vacuum cleaner has 4 different suction modes, 550ml dust volume.

In terms of battery life of MIJIA 2C, compared to the 2700 mAh battery in the previous model, MIJIA 1C; It debuts with a larger capacity 3200 mAh battery. Also, the battery life can be up to 110 minutes in standard mode.

MIJIA 2C: Xiaomi Introduced Its New Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1

The product, which delivers a suction power of 2700 Pa, is fully charged in about 4 hours. The MIJIA 2C, with a water content of 250 ml, weighs about 2.8 kilograms. In this product with 72 decibels of sound; XiaoAI support for voice assistant is available to control other smart home products from the application at the same time.

Currently only available in China, the MIJIA 2C price starts at 1299 yuan (about $ 205).

* The image shown does not belong to Xiaomi MIJIA 2C Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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