Mike Tindall gives family insight into Queen at Prince Philip's funeral

The Queen courageously mourned her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and was “amazing” at his memorial service, said Mike Tindall.

The former English rugby player, married to the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Tindall, believes Philip would have approved of the “beautifully done” service held under Covid-19 restrictions.

It meant the queen had to sit alone and there were only 30 guests, but “the loss will always be difficult,” said Tindall.

He told BBC Breakfast: “I had to see the Queen take a stand to show what the world is now and sit alone and be as brave as her. I thought I would just sum her up as a lady. She was amazing.

“Then the funeral was over and it was’ Get in your cars and go home,” but that’s okay, that’s what the rules say, so that’s what happened.

“It was tough, but I thought the actual funeral was so good that I think he’ll look down and he would actually have been happier about how it happened.”

Tindalls’ son, Lucas, was born a little over five weeks ago. His middle name Philip is in honor of Tindall’s father and the Duke of Edinburgh, who died just 19 days after his great-grandson was born.

Tindall, who also has seven-year-old daughter Mia and two-year-old Lena, told the program, “We love it right now. It’s always nice to have a little boy to keep me company. I am surrounded by ladies. “

Lucas was born at home. The family had been sitting in the living room when Zara’s water broke.

Tindall said Zara’s best friend, Dolly, who is a maternity sister, was there.

Zara went to bathe and when she got out she shivered, which was a sign that the baby was coming quickly and they didn’t have time to get to the hospital.

Tindall said “the immediate thoughts are panic” and then it came down to figuring out where the baby should be.

He said of the program, “I thought we weren’t making a bed, so I went to the gym and got out lots of mats and towels. Zara did her thing.

“All women who give birth are incredible. She didn’t disappoint. “


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