Mikie Sherrill says unidentified lawmakers led ‘reconnaissance’ tours ahead of Capitol attack

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (DN.J.) said Tuesday she saw colleagues escort people through the Capitol on Jan. 5 to “scout” the next day’s violent uprising that killed five people describe.

In one 13 minute Facebook video Sherrill was billed as an address to her constituents about the House’s efforts to hold President Donald Trump accountable for sparking the insurrection, and included the claim as part of a call to hold Trump’s allies accountable in Congress.

“I also intend to see those congressmen who favored him – those congressmen who had the groups that came through the capital that I saw on January 5th to clear up the next day – those congressmen who were the violent Incited crowd, Members of Congress who have tried to help our President undermine our democracy will see them held accountable, “Sherrill said.

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