Military leads from the front in war against coronavirus pandemic

On Wednesday, the first day of the nationwide 21-day imprisonment that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Tuesday to contain the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), a military facility in Jodhpur received 277 Indian evacuees from Iran and placed them in quarantine for the next 14 days.

To date, the military has accommodated more than 1,200 patients in temporary medical facilities in Manesar, Hindan, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. These include the evacuees from Wuhan and Japan, who were released after observing the full quarantine protocol.

“Of the more than 1,200 evacuees, medical and flight personnel maintained in these facilities so far, only one case of Covid-19 positive has been reported. This does not include another case reported by IAF facilities in Hindan, “said the Defense Ministry (MoD) on Wednesday.

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“In addition to the above, more military medical facilities in Jhansi, Binnaguri and Gaya are being kept on standby with an additional collective capacity of 1,600,” said the defense ministry.

The military is mobilizing to play a central role in the detention of patients exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Most of the countries seriously affected by the virus, notably China, Italy and the United States, have put their armed forces into service.

In New York, U.S. military engineers are converting New York’s main convention center – the Javits Center – into a 1,000-bed hospital.

The military is mobilizing to play a central role in the detention of patients exposed to the Covid-19 virus. PTI

Patients quarantined in Jodhpur on Wednesday include 273 pilgrims in Iran, including 149 women and six children. They were transferred on Indian Airline flights from Delhi to Jodhpur, and then taken to the medical center, “which was designed not only for isolation but also for mental and physical well-being, which includes various activities, including sports, “said the Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, the Indian Navy has set up a quarantine camp at Vishakhapatnam, which is fully equipped to quarantine nearly 200 people. In addition, the Navy has set up isolation facilities at its first hospital, the Indian Navy Hospital Ship (INHS) Asvini, in Mumbai.

The Kochi naval base, which houses the headquarters of the Southern Naval Command, coordinates with Kerala state health officials and the Ernakulam district administration to use civilian hotels / resorts as security facilities. quarantine for Indian nationals, says the Ministry of Defense.

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The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), which produces weapons, ammunition and equipment for the military, has separately designated 285 beds as Covid-19 quarantine facilities. These include 40 beds in Jabalpur, thirty beds each in Ishapore, Cossipore, Khadki, Kanpur, Khamaria and Ambajhari; 25 beds in Ambernath and 20 beds each in Avadi and Medak.

The OFB uses its facilities to try to manufacture personal protective equipment and face masks, in accordance with a pilot order placed by HLL Lifecare Limited, a public sector unit under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

While the military continues to function normally at the borders, officers assigned to headquarters – who account for 40% of the total workforce – have been asked to work from their homes.


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