Millionaire couple 'fly 1,000 miles posing as cleaners to skip vaccine queue'

A millionaire couple reportedly pretended to be cleaners before flying 1,000 miles to skip the line for coronavirus vaccines.

Casino mogul Rodney Baker, 55, and his 32-year-old wife Ekaterina Baker allegedly flew in a private plane to a parish in Yukon where the Moderna bump was being delivered.

On their return to Vancouver, Canada, they were stopped by police officers who had been briefed by suspicious clinicians who were confused about their request for an elevator to the airport.

The couple were beaten on January 21 for two charges each under the Yukon Civil Emergency Measures Act, one for failure to isolate and one for failure to comply with a travel declaration.

Both now face a fine of more than £ 1,000, reports the Daily star.

Yukon Community Services Minister John Streicker said CBC on Monday: “In fact, they put our community and our isolation team at risk. I’m pretty angry about the whole thing.”

Staff at a mobile clinic in Beaver Creek had given the vaccine to about 100 local residents, most of whom are members of the White River First Nation.

The couple raised suspicions when they asked for a ride to the airport after receiving their bumps, Streicker said.

Millionaire couple 'fly 1,000 miles posing as cleaners to skip vaccine queue' 1

Officials began looking for the couple, starting in nearby Whitehorse, where they would be quarantined.

Eventually they were found at the airport and preparing to return to Vancouver, the reports said.

Streicker added, “We just didn’t expect anyone would go as far as to effectively fool the team into getting vaccinated and I think we all felt pretty offended by the whole thing.”

Chief Angela Demit said, “We are deeply concerned about the actions of those who put our elders and vulnerable people at risk of crossing the border for selfish reasons.

“While we understand that many want to be vaccinated right away, it is not appropriate to circumvent the rules and turn to our community in that way.”


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