Millions of drivers told to book MOT test early

Millions of motorists are being asked to book their TÜV test as the pressure of the Covid residue on mechanics increases.

In order to relieve the workshop, experts are calling on them to book the test of their car as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) granted a six-month extension for TÜV tests, which is forecasting a strong surge in bookings this fall.

The extension will change the generally even distribution of tests over the year to a high concentration in the final months of 2021.

The surge in demand is expected not to come from those who took advantage of the extension, but from those who got their TÜV test in October, November and December.

As a result, drivers need to book their vehicles to stay road legal and roadworthy before the season change.

A spokesperson for said, “For the past 18 months, workshops have felt the pressure from the sheer volume of work they are receiving.

“We encourage those who do not yet have their MOT to book their MOT in good time in order to avoid the rush at the last minute and to relieve the mechanics.

“It is also important that our vehicles are safe for the roads as the autumn and winter periods begin, especially when conditions change.

“You will just be overrun. There is no other way of phrasing it. “

It is not only the road safety and legality of British motorists that are of concern, but also the psychological and physical strain on the country’s mechanics.

Experts remind motorists to show compassion for those working in the automotive industry before an extremely busy time.

The TÜV test must be renewed every 12 months, unless your vehicle is less than three years old. In this case, a MOT must be carried out on the third anniversary of the vehicle.

The fine for driving without a valid MOT certificate can be up to £ 2,500 and in some cases three points on your driver’s license.

According to, the maximum fee for a car MOT is £ 54.85 and £ 29.65 for a motorcycle.

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