'Mind-blowing' Omicron Covid 'symptom' only impacting new mums shows in breast milk

Mum Nikki Jurcutz posted on Instagramthat one pouch of her breast milk had turned green after she and her baby contacted the Covid virus which can be difficult to spot

Breast feeding mum’s should be aware of the symptom (stock image)

A bewildering Omicron Covid symptom which only impacts new mums has been revealed.

New symptoms of the variant are often tricky to spot and don’t emerge immediately.

Most people affected by the milder strain will suffer a cold-like symptoms such as runny nose and sore throat.

But experts have highlighted a strange symptom all mums should be aware of.

Nikki Jurcutz, a mum and CEO of the Australian parenting organisation Tiny Hearts Educationposted on Instagram that one mother’s breast milk had turned green after she and and her baby contacted Covid.

“It may look a bit gross, but this incredible color change is the antibodies in this mama’s milk doing their thing! And doing it right!” she posted on the platform.

“When we’re lactating, our bodies are consistently doing what’s like a full-body scan of both our own and our bub’s body to perfectly create breastmilk for our little love’s optimum health, as well as recovery from illness.

The color difference is seen between the normal breast milk and the milk that is Covid-19 positive



“It’s pretty mind-blowing when you think about it!”

Mother’s milk is often described as “liquid gold” as it can adjust nutrients to suit a baby’s needs.

Ashmiry, a mum-of-two, posted two images of her breast milk in pouches before and after she caught the virus.

One of the pouches was white as it is expected to be but, when she and her daughter tested positive for Covid-19, the second picture showed green-tinged milk after they became ill with the virus.

She was astonished to see the color of her milk change.

But she was also excited because it showed her body was creating extra nutrients to keep her daughter nourished.

She wrote: “I really wanted to share this photo of my breast milk.

“It actually let me know something was going on in my body and my babies.

“How amazing is breast milk, it’s magical and I’m so thankful to be able to produce it especially now!

After the mum tested positive her breast milk turned green



“The color change indicates that my body is making exactly what Rubi needs! Antibodies, extra fatty and just pure goodness.”

She admitted that she drank the breast milk when ill with Covid-19.

She explained: “I was so grateful at that time, that I was still nursing.

“Otherwise if not I would have not experienced that or seen what my body was able to do for Rubi.

“We all had some of that breast milk. I had my own breast milk.

“But hey I got better, I was tired of being sick, so I was thinking ‘I’m going to drink some of that breast milk’, and I did. I don’t know if it helped, who knows.”

While the green milk was a result of coronavirus – this isn’t always the case and if you’re concerned, you should check with your midwife.

Green milk can also be caused by the food and drink you consume.

One breastfeeding support coach explained that you shouldn’t panic if your breast milk is green.

juobie said: “Don’t panic, it’s organic.

“Typically breast milk will turn greenish in color when you have consumed green foods including vegetables, food that contains green dyes and certain vitamins or herbs.

“It is safe to give to baby, so don’t be too quick to pour down the drain.”

Golidilacts, a lactation consultant, also shared the image calling the milk, “liquid green gold” alongside the message, “our breasts are super responders”.

“When lactating, our bodies are always doing full body scans of mama and baby and figuring out exactly what to put in breast milk for babies wellness,” he said.

Experts reckon the change in breast milk color is because of the presence of more immunoglobulins, white blood cells, and leukocytes, which combat illness.

the Australian Breastfeeding Association also said green breastmilk can occur after eating large amounts of green colored foods including green vegetables, kelp and other types of seaweed in tablet form.

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