Minister says all options open when asked about local lockdowns

According to Economic Secretary Kwasi Kwarten, the government has not ruled out the possibility of companies remaining closed in the areas most affected by the Indian variant of the coronavirus.

When asked on Sky News whether there could be a return to a local lockdown, Kwarteng said ministers are considering “all options.”

He said, “I’ll repeat what I said before. We’ll look at the dates. We want to reopen on June 21st and try to get to that conclusion. But if the dates say it would be unsafe to do that , could we follow this, we would follow this. “

Entrepreneurs understand that government “has to look at science … scientific evidence, we have to look at the data, and that we shouldn’t draw too quick and simple conclusions,” said a cabinet minister.

Economic Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told Sky News that companies, especially in the hospitality industry, told him that they found the situation “frustrating”.

“You want to be open and operational again,” he said.

“But they understand that we have to do it safely.”

In connection with the country’s planned reopening on June 21, Mr Kwarteng said: “It is impossible for anyone to know what the situation will be in a week or two.”

Speaking to Sky News, he said, “We’ll look at the dates. We have repeatedly said that we won’t make a final decision on June 21st until June 14th, a week ahead of the set date.”

“So I can’t guarantee one thing or the other.”


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