Minister says Face mask rules could continue after June 21

The rules for wearing face masks could be over the age of 21.

When asked if interventions like wearing masks and working from home could continue after June 21, community secretary Robert Jenrick told the Today program, “Well, there are options that are clearly available to the government . “

He added, “We have set out in the roadmap what is expected in the next phase and we want to try to stick with it if we can.

“We are all doing everything we can to achieve this. But of course we keep an eye on these things and also ask people to continue to exercise caution in everyday life. “

However, Mr Jenrick also said the next phase of the restrictions lift on Jan.

He told Radio 4’s Today program, “We have 10 days before we make this decision on or around June 14th with the introduction of the vaccine – we are doing everything we can to speed it up – and then we will make our final decision. ”

Mr Jenrick’s comments came as a senior scientist said the latest coronavirus data regarding the lifting of all restrictions on Jan.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London said the Indian variant – now known as the Delta variant – could be up to “100% more transferable than the previously dominant Kent variant”.

“I think the data is pointing in a more negative direction this week than last week, so it suggests being careful,” said Professor Ferguson.


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