Ministers ‘to discuss France travel ban’

Ministers are reported to have talks on adding France to Britain’s travel bans list.

The measure will be discussed at a meeting of the “Covid O” committee on Tuesday amid increasing coronavirus cases across the channel, according to the Daily Telegraph.

As of April 6, freight forwarders from outside the UK and Ireland visiting England for more than two days must take a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of their arrival and every 72 hours thereafter.

However, given growing signs of a third wave in continental Europe, there is speculation that the government could go further by putting France on the UK’s red list.

There are around 4,872 patients in intensive care in France, almost the highest number during the previous November surge in coronavirus.

Red List status would mean direct flights, crossings and trains from France to the UK could be banned and non-UK or Irish residents or residents of the UK would be banned from entering the UK if they were in the past 10 days in France.

Eligible arrivals must be in a quarantine hotel for 10 days and cost £ 1,750 per person.

There are currently 35 countries on the red list, including all of South America and southern Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman was asked why France has not been redlisted yet.

He replied, “We will obviously be constantly reviewing all of our actions at the border and, as we have done throughout the pandemic, we will not hesitate to introduce stricter restrictions if necessary.”

Pointing out the test regime that will come into effect on April 6, he added, “Stricter testing will ensure that carriers who encounter them need to be isolated in their cabin. If they stay in the UK they will need to be tested on day two, five and eight. “


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