‘Misha and the Wolves’ Review [2021] : Must To Watch Documentary Film

Documentaries based on true events are always entertaining to watch. There’s something different about watching these kinds of movies because you knew there was somewhere on the planet that this incident happened in real life. Today I see many OTT platforms bringing back the old tradition of this classic vintage documentary film. I would hesitate if I said that Netflix is at the top of the list. Recently they released Misha and the Wolves on their platform and fans were so eager to see the movie.

A one and a half hour film that you would surely think every second invested in it is worth it. Fans are curious to see all about the movie and I’m here to help them,

Based on the famous Holocaust scene from the early days of the time, this film will tell you everything the survivors went through. I have witnessed similar stories before and this is nothing new. But what makes this movie different from others is the narration and the screenplay.

The creators have made a brief note of everything that ever happened in the incident and thoroughly led us to believe it. In this article we will go through everything in detail. Also I will review the whole movie for you. If you’re someone who hasn’t watched the movie yet and wants to know everything, then this is the right place for you.

Misha and the wolves: a real documentary film

Misha and the Wolves Review

Misha and the Wolves is the new documentary released exclusively by Netflix. The man behind the directing of this one and a half hour documentary is Sam Hobkinson. The film was announced earlier this year and was officially released on August 11, 2021.

In addition, the story of this documentary follows Misha Defonseca’s 1997 Holocaust survivor and her experience with it.

Originally, the film was at the Sundance Film festival, which is already popular for its great movies and movies. The first release of the film was certainly considered to be the film festival on January 31, 2021.

Later, the creators took the giant OTT platform and made the movie officially released to the viewers all over the internet.

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Reader’s Review of ‘Misha and the Wolves’

Misha and the wolves

We all read “A Young Girl’s Diary” in our early high school days, right? Yes, the book was quite devastating to read and it runs through our veins knowing all that happened in the Nazi era.

You know somewhere people are still afraid to listen to all those holocausts and concentration camp incidents. Being Jewish and having indecently survived the Holocaust was quite an achievement at the time.

The movie follows the same story and while we’ve all read so many books and watched tons of movies on that subject, this is different. When the incident was actually brought up, the world was devastated to think about it. Now the makers have actually made a movie about that incident and it gives a kind of pleasure to think that the movie is there.

Misha, who was actually an immigrant living in the city of Massachusetts, said her parents were arrested by the Nazis. As we know, the era was filled with the fear of Jewish and other minorities as Hilter does not want them to be part of Germany.

The girl has been adopted by a friendly Catholic family and they have hidden her from the world. Her name was changed and her Jewish identity was kept secret.

All these things were quite new to that little girl and it took her a lot of courage and time to accept that.

The movie “Misha and the Wolves” follows the lives of these hidden children who are somehow escaped and taken by the friendly family at the time.

Misha, one of the survivors, has published the book “Surviving with Wolves” to show what it takes to be in that place. The book was published in 1997 by a local publishing house.

But after the book was brought to the attention of readers, it quickly sold. Although the book has been translated into multiple languages, people from all over the world read the story of that young girl who has seen the entire ravaged world in just a few years.

What are the ratings of the film?

The new Netflix documentary is one of the highly anticipated for all documentary lovers. According to the latest internet, Netflix invests their time to make the documentary film that is loved by the viewers. I don’t want to comment on the movies here because it’s absolutely amazing. The platform has already made tons of documentaries in recent years and the number is only increasing.

Before ending this article, we thought to check the ratings of this movie as well. Misha and the Wolves is the new documentary released a few weeks ago. If you enjoy checking the reviews and opinions of the people then this section would surely inspire you.

Both critics and audiences have given the film great ratings and the show has been a hit with everyone. Starting with the movie’s IMDb rating, the film is rated 6.7/10 in this category. Empire Online rated the movie with 4/5 ratings and the show has 82% rotten tomatoes.

Moreover, the audience has also praised the show and liked the overall story of the movie.

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