Mississippi governor 'hopeful' constituents will overcome hesitancy on vaccines

“Those in the Bronx who do not have internet access have much less access to information about vaccination sites and are not really able to participate in online registration systems,” Torres said on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Reeves for his part said This vaccine hesitation among some of its citizens is affecting Mississippi’s vaccination rate.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that vaccines are hesitant, especially in rural areas across America,” Reeves said. “We also experienced vaccination hesitation early on in our African American community, in our state, and across America.”

When asked if confirmation from President Donald Trump would help his constituents get vaccinated, he said education must be the top priority.

“Well, I certainly think that President Trump and other leaders across America, not just political leaders but leaders of all methods, would be helpful,” Reeves said. “But let’s be honest … we have to educate people.”

Torres added that community health centers and community facilities in the South Bronx are acting as “messengers” to help close the digital divide.

“I am optimistic that we can make progress,” said Torres.

Some leaders have suggested giving fully vaccinated Americans vaccination cards that prove their status and allow them to do things that those who didn’t get the shots can’t. But Reeves said he was against vaccination cards and said, “I don’t think it’s necessary or good to do this in America.”

“At some point we have to let Americans make the choice that they think is best for them and their families,” he said.

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