Moaning mum says having to do things with her kids is 'tedious'

A moaning mother declared parenting to be “troublesome” and grumbled that she had to “do things” with her children.

Stacey Green went on TikTok to tell her followers about all the different things she wished she’d known before she had kids Daily record reported.

At the top of the list, she was expected to ‘do things’ with her children.

She said, “You have to do things with them, like all the time. How to fill the day with things to do. For her.

“Before that, my Saturday might have hung out with my friends Mary and Jane and watched TV. Or went to a cottage. Now I spend my days in a field and go ‘one, two, three gooo’ while we go up and down a hill on a tractor. “

Stacey claimed no one had explained the pain of raising children.

She said, “As if I knew, but I didn’t understand the boredom of everything. Anyway, just a little PPE for you, if you’re on the fence and don’t want to do things or tell you things you should do, that might not be for you, ”she said before turning to her child and with a grimace on his face said, “Ohh, that’s a big stone”.

Stacey’s video was supported by a few parents who agreed with their observations.

One said parenting is “stressful” and added, “It is stressful to have to acknowledge every little thing you say.”

Another added, “They forgot to say they don’t appreciate any of it and will be 100% bored all the time.”

But other users supported the mother because they reminded her of the reasons why they chose not to become a parent.

One said, “I love how mothers complain about how difficult parents are. Thank you for being real and helping me avoid motherhood.

In a follow-up clip, Stacey groaned at how much anyone would have an opinion on her parenting style.

She said, “Everyone will have an opinion on how you raise your children – everyone. And guess what? You can think what you want because the only opinion that matters is yours.

“People say I can’t believe she would do it either way. OK. Don’t do it like that who said you had to do it. But that’s the nice thing about it. These are your babies, this is your family. Anyone else can push it. “

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