Modder Ports Original Tomb Raider To Game Boy Advance

Tomb Raider: A mud has reached the achievement of running Tomb Raider on a Game Boy Advance. Nintendo’s late portable computer never did very well displaying 3D graphics, and yet Lara Croft’s original adventure worked very well on the pocket video game screen.

The feat was accomplished by XPrger, responsible for creating the open source project known as “OpenLara”, which represents the first Tomb Raider to the original Xbox, 3DO, iPhone and 3DS. Now, of course, the GBA has joined the select list.

XPrger shared the results of his work on Twitter, where his video quickly went viral — probably because people didn’t expect a relatively heavy, 3D-looking game to run satisfactorily on the handheld. Below you can see a little bit of what the modder has managed to achieve with his port.

“There are still a lot of things to improve on,” said XProger on the GBATemp forum, explaining that he still needs to optimize the game’s internal content and videos so that everything fits into a small cartridge with only 32MB of storage.

While the modder claims he still needs to optimize the port, it’s amazing that he was able to bring the title to the GBA and run it at a pretty decent frame rate.

According to XPrger, his work is still in the Alpha phase and only three levels of Tomb Raider are available to play in the Game Boy Advance port.

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