Model ‘helps mum escape jail by distracting guard’ in daring break-out plan

Aída Victoria Merlano Manzanero, who has a huge Instagram follower and posed naked on the cover of a magazine, is accused of helping her mother Aída Merlano Rebolledo get out of prison

Aída Victoria Merlano Manzanero could be sentenced to 21 years in prison (


An Instagram model helped her mother break out of prison by distracting a guard, prosecutors say.

Aída Victoria Merlano Manzanero is on trial in Colombia alleging that she helped her mother Aída Merlano Rebolledo to freedom.

It is alleged that the model, who is hugely popular on social media, went to a dentist with her brother to schedule an appointment for her mother.

Rebolledo, jailed for election crimes, came with a prison guard who waited outside the meeting room while she went in alone, prosecutors claim.

Rebolledo escaped through the window with a rope that her children had stowed in a backpack that the guard didn’t check.

Remarkable footage seems to be showing the disgraced politician abseiling off the side of the three-story building before it was evacuated on a motorcycle, Vice World News reports.

The trial against the model began on Tuesday



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She then allegedly fled the country and fled to Venezuela.

While Rebolledo had escaped from the dentists, Manzanero and her brother were talking to the guard to distract them, they say.

When authorities searched for Rebolledo, her daughter was busy building her profile. 6ix buzz reports.

Manzanero posed naked and handcuffed for a series of racy photos that were published in a magazine under the slogan “The Daughter of Congressional Refugees.”

She has bagged 2.5 million followers on social media showing off her lavish lifestyle.

The mother was eventually found in Venezuela and brought to justice.

Shortly after being elected at the age of 38, Rebolledo was convicted of electoral fraud, corruption and illegal gun possession.

The 21-year-old is accused of helping her mother get out of prison



It is alleged that the model distracted the guard when her mother escaped through the window



She was sentenced to 15 years in prison in Bogota but escaped a little over two weeks later.

Now her daughter and her dentist Javier Cely Barajas are accused of being potential accomplices in their escape.

In February 2020, Colombian authorities officially accused the two of being “instrumental” in the plan.

Manzanero and Cely Barajas both pleaded innocence when their trial began on Tuesday this week.

Both faced long prison sentences if found guilty.

On Wednesday, the influencer posted on Instagram about her process.

“Even though I get up every day and know that I can go to prison for 21 years, I am happy because I believe that happiness is a choice that you make every day,” she said in a video.

“Be happy today because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

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