Model looking for love claims dating app Bumble rejected her for 'being too hot'

A Playboy model claims she was turned down by Bumble because she was “too hot”.

Tahlia Paris, 24, of Los Angeles, California, joined the dating app after their last relationship ended when she found out her partner was married.

The Playboy model has been single for four years and hoped that online dating would be the solution to finding a man to spend her life with.

Rather than requesting dates, Tahlia claims she received an email from Bumble when her photos were removed by the app’s moderators. The model believes she looked “too hot” because they “didn’t break” the guidelines.

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In response, however, the company cited “shirtless bathroom mirror selfies” and said it “prohibits indoor photos of people wearing bathing suits or underwear”.

Influencer Tahlia, who has 890,000 followers on Instagram (@tahliaparis) and an OnlyFans account where she regularly posts cheeky snaps for her fans, insists that the Bumble profile pictures were “very PG” – each showing her fully dressed.

“I wasn’t even in the app for a couple of hours because pictures I posted on my profile were removed even though they were normal photos,” said Tahlia, who also works as a DJ.

Tahlia takes a mirror selfie in a black top and sparkling dress

“It happened three or four times to different pictures and Bumble only allowed one of my pictures to stay awake, which really hurt my chances in the dating app world.

“The photos that I posted a lot were simple. One was a selfie of myself, one was a photo a friend of mine took on the beach.

“I tried to keep it very PG and not at all model.

Tahlia in white sunglasses pouts the duck's lips

“I wanted guys to stick to my profile not because I’m a professional model, but because I was just another average girl who was up to date.

“I even kept my Instagram and everything private and separate from Bumble.

“I have had people in the past who would only try to connect with me because I was on social media.

Tahlia in a revealing, laced lingerie outfit

“When they were rejected, some of their replies were, ‘But wait, you model for Playboy’ – as if this was something that would make it easier to have sex with me.”

Tahlia, who lives in Los Angeles, joined Bumble after struggling to meet people due to the pandemic and was hoping to find camaraderie through the app.

She said, “Everything is completely closed in LA due to Covid so I thought I had a better chance of finding someone to spend time with on an app than hoping to meet someone in the grocery store.

Tahlia poses in a red phone booth

“At first I was upset when they closed my account because why should I suffer because others have created fake accounts about me?

“But at the same time, I was a little relieved that online dating was a little nerve-wracking for the first time.”

Tahlia’s Bumble account may have been real, but the model has been targeted by Wels in the past with her pictures, albeit not in a dating app.

A close-up view of Tahlia smoldering in the camera while wearing a revealing red striped bikini and hair falling down her face

It’s such a big problem that it has even led to death threats.

She said, “There are several” impersonation “accounts of mine all over Instagram. You have almost half a million followers.

“They make their money stealing my photos and using my name to sell fraudulent things online – from” used lingerie “to seedy diets and exercise plans.

Tahlia crouches with her hands on the wall and on the back to highlight her figure while wearing a revealing white lingerie outfit and smoldering in the camera by her side

“When these people don’t get the items they paid for, they personally email me with death threats and ask me to give them everything they ordered.”

After everything she went through during her short-lived stint at Bumble, Tahlia isn’t sure if the dating app world is for her.

She added, “Online dating has never been something I get into, but under the circumstances, I thought I would try and it didn’t work out. Maybe it’s for best.

Tahlia in a very insightful Christmas-themed bra

“I’d have to start over with a new account and I’m not sure it’s worth it at this point.

“I’m sadly quiet about dating at the moment, but hopefully things will open up soon so I can get back to the normal dating world.”

A Bumble spokesperson said: “In 2016, in response to feedback from our Bumble community, we banned shirtless bathroom mirror selfies – and after our research showed that profiles, including this type of photo, were the most likely to be stolen.

Tahlia sat at a table in a revealing black dress with a string on the sides that showed her skin

“As part of this general policy, our photo guidelines prohibit indoor photos of people wearing bathing suits or underwear.

“Swimsuit photos are acceptable when you are outside by the pool or on the beach as you are in a natural setting to wear a bathing suit.

“In 2018, we also banned photos of guns on Bumble in response to the Parkland shooting, unless the person depicted is a member of the military or a uniformed police officer.

“For more information about our photo rules, please see our Community Guidelines and this blog post for more information.”


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