Modern Family Season 11: Came To A Satisfactory Conclusion, Although One That Was Decidedly Secure And Predictable.

The eleventh and final season of Modern Family premiered on ABC on September 25, 2019 and ended on April 8, 2020. The two-part finale of ‘Modern Family’ was packed with important, life-changing moments in the life of virtually every main character, as well as so many others. series finals. It was a suitably fitting rehearsal space – for the three families and for those of us who welcomed them into our living rooms for over ten years and saw so much of ourselves in it.

We won’t go into the details of the plot anymore, except to say that the extended family, who have spent nearly every vacation, graduation and birthday together for over a decade together, are suddenly headed for a morning where they will be hundreds, as not thousands of miles apart.

A few crazy comedy detours lighten up the poignant drama, which is funny enough but also serves as a reminder that the show has reached its logical point. One of my favorite aspects of “Modern Family” was how each episode ended with a character briefly recapitulating the events and life lessons learned.

(There was often a sudden turn, and the narration wasn’t always what we expected.) The series finale also plays with the conceit before ending on a beautiful visual note. “It is difficult [to say goodbye] because not everyone has what we have, ”says Jay, and few shows have ever had the spirit, love, grace, and laughter that“ Modern Family ”has.

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What the season finale of ‘Modern Family’ proves we all know for years: years earlier, when it was best suited to tie all these subplots, personalities and themes together, the show should have ended. Now we have a conclusion that does not want to be a conclusion. Maybe that’s suitable for a casual family audience, but I think the modern audience expects more.

Modern Family Season 11

Overall, it was a step up from previous seasons, but it was still mostly good and healthy, never fantastic or particularly funny. Mitch and Cam are the highlights of the show, but the finale brought it all together nicely. Despite the show’s later years being a disappointment, I’m glad we had a good final season.

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