Moderna working on an annual flurona vaccine

Vaccine company Modern is working on a single vaccination that could protect people from both flu and Covid and that could be ready for use as early as next winter.

Vaccination would mean people wouldn’t need separate vaccines to protect them against both flu and Covid.

To date, 160 cases of Flurona have been found in the UK in which people contract both viruses at the same time.

The Moderna vaccine would protect people from getting both or either of the diseases.

Moderna is also currently working on a vaccine that protects against Omicron and could be ready within two weeks.

A Moderna vaccine that protects against flu, Covid and RSV – another respiratory virus that can be serious – could be ready by 2024, according to reports The post.

Darius Hughes, Head of Moderna UK, said: “Our # 1 priority for 2022, after getting the right Covid vaccine for the Omicron variant, is to try to really move our flu and RSV programs forward, to see if we can get a single combined dose respiratory vaccine.

“For patients, it would be just fantastic if you could have an appointment – come along, get the injection and you will be protected from all these major respiratory diseases for the winter.

“The benefits to the NHS and all vaccination services, and ultimately to patients, we believe will be enormous.”


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