Moment boy, 14, with 'sixth sense' burrows 7ft underground to free trapped lamb

Corban Denize, 14, was hailed as a “hero” when he fell head first into a seven-foot hole under a massive rock on a heartwarming rescue mission to rescue a two-day-old lamb trapped in it

New Zealand: Teen rescues lamb from hole in the ground

A teenage boy with a “sixth sense” dug into a seven foot hole under a giant rock to rescue a trapped two-day-old lamb.

Incredible footage shows Corban Denize (14) sticking upside down in the hole while trying desperately to save a lamb.

Corban, his father Brendan, and sister Katie were in a hurry to investigate when the teen’s grandfather told them that a concerned ewe was loitering around a rock on their New Zealand farmland last Sunday.

The trio first searched a smaller rock, but the lamb was nowhere to be seen.

But a “feeling they hadn’t done enough” came over them, so they stretched and kept searching.

The footage recorded by 17-year-old Katie then shows the “brave” teenager digging himself into a three-foot hole in a desperate search for the poor lamb, his lower body being held by his father to protect him To keep falling in.

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Corban Denize, 14, was hailed as a “hero” when his “sixth sense” urged him to search a seven-foot hole for a missing lamb


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When the 46-year-old farmer tears his son out, Corban gasps in shock, “Oh, it’s alive” before emerging from the animal’s keeping.

He shouts triumphantly, “I saved it,” and jokes, “Thank you Lamb,” as Brendan picks up the happy cattle before turning to reunite them with his waiting mother and siblings.

Brendan has since hailed his son as a “hero” for plunging into the abyss on his farmland near Waitomo, New Zealand, but the humble Corban simply enjoyed the excitement of the brief rescue mission.

The proud father posted the heartwarming footage to Facebook a few hours after the incident and has since viewed it more than 143,000 times, with users also praising Corban.

Corban said, “It was a pretty tight squeeze and wasn’t the most comfortable down there, but I just stuck in it and luckily I found the lamb.

“I thought it was dead at first, but then as I pulled it out I could feel it move. That was really exciting to see it come out and make sure it is alive. It was a great relief.

Corban hurried to investigate after his grandfather told him that a worried ewe was wandering around


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“I had great faith in my father that he would be able to pull me out, but it was great that he pulled me and the Lamb out too. We are glad that we decided to turn around and return. “

It’s birth time on Brendan’s family farm, so Dad Graeme Denize was checking on her ewes when he noticed one was interested in a stone, but gave up the research when he found nothing.

Four hours later, Brendan, Corban and Katie arrived at the “little” hole with their flashlight, but although they made sheep noises to look for life, they heard nothing.

Brendan says a “sixth sense” pulled them back into the hole to try harder, and thanks to Corban’s exploits they were able to save the lamb after they believed they were stuck in the hole for about 12-18 hours.

Brendan said, “When we turned to leave, we all stopped and agreed that something was pulling us back. We decided we hadn’t tried 100 percent.

The teenager dug into a tiny hole under a huge rock to retrieve the lamb


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The lamb likely spent between 12 and 18 hours trapped in the hole


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“We opened the hole with a spade for a few minutes and it was enough to lower Corban’s shoulders, so he went there blindly.

“He’s pretty brave, but he was nervous. When he pulled out the lamb we were so surprised. Not just that there was a lamb, but that it was alive.

“He’s a very adventurous, capable farm boy. I told him to come in, but he’s a real hero.

“I made a few jokes that he might not be able to get out, but the tone of his answer told me he didn’t find it funny. But the whole time he was in the best of spirits.

“It was pretty tight because for every spade of dirt we removed, some dirt fell into the hole, so we knew there was no point in taking dirt out to fill the hole.

“We just relied on our sixth sense that something was down there and we had to give it every opportunity to prove to ourselves that we did a good job.

“If I had been there alone, there was no way I could have committed myself to the hole because I wouldn’t have had anyone to pull me out. I would have done an average job and just walked away.

“My first thought was how happy I am to have cool kids and my second thought was how happy this lamb was that we were back.”

Brendan, who also lives with his wife, Trudy Denize, 47, and third child, 13-year-old Harley Denize, runs the Ripples Retreat cottage on their land as well as their family business.

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Brendan’s Facebook post, which garnered more than 1,700 likes, 250 comments and 1,800 shares, was titled: “Bl ** dy handy to have kids at home. Everyday life on the farm near Waitomo ”.

Carol Davies commented, “Brave boy. There was no way I would have put my head in that hole. Well done both. And they say we don’t care about our stock.

Shanelle Kennedy stated, “Awh. I thought his buddy was just stuck, but no, they saved the baby!”

John Magee said, “Absolutely wonderful. That’s a real hero!”

Lauren McGlone added, “This is brilliant. What a cool kid.”


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