Moment furious elephant crushes truck leaving driver 'fearing for his life'

Amazing footage shows a giant elephant crushing the hood of a pick-up truck after storming the vehicle.

Driver Norman Nukeri, 47, “feared for his life” after the animal ran towards his truck in the Klasirie Private Nature Reserve in South Africa.

The elephant managed to push the 2.5-ton Toyota and its fueled trailer backwards over a dirt road on Tuesday.

Dashcam footage shows the creature attacking the car head-on and Norman freezing in fear and unable to say a word.

As the elephant leaves the scene, the shocked driver recalls that he was too scared to get off the vehicle and didn’t feel safe until rangers arrived from the nature reserve.

The Star Dashcam video has since gone viral on all social media platforms.

Norman, a fuel supplier driving through the reservation to a customer’s lodge, said today, “I stopped when I saw the elephants in the distance, then the other one appeared from my left. I hit the truck and he left gone I was relieved, but then it came back.

“It came right up to me and pushed the truck. I just thought about holding the brakes and pulling the handbrake on. I was so scared. I didn’t move because I was just shocked.

“I thought it could be a life-threatening situation. I was afraid that he would push the truck into the river. I didn’t know what would happen to me. I was afraid for my life.”

Norman Nukeri was

The man from Hoedspruit, South Africa, has to pay £ 750 to have the truck repaired after sustaining significant damage to the hood and rear of the truck.

Norman added, “I was worried it would be back so I called the office and didn’t want to get out of the vehicle. I didn’t feel safe until the rangers came. I was so relieved.

“I’m glad it’s over, but I’m going back to the same place today. I’ll drive the big truck instead. I will be very careful from now on.

“It’s one in a million. I don’t think a lot of people experienced this. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The Toyota and the trailer were badly damaged

Nathan Traut, Marketing and Operations Manager at Norman’s Bosbok Gas company, was relieved that his “top driver” Normal survived unscathed and added that the company boss even invited him for a drink after the incident to calm his nerves .

Nathan said, “We are very relieved that he is fine because he is our main driver! When he called he was out of breath. We went to get him after the incident, but Norman didn’t drive.

“If you watch the video of him in the truck and look at his T-shirt, you can see his heart beating. He was shocked for a day or two afterwards.

“When we got back to town, the headmaster took him and had a few drinks with him to relax.”


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