Moment Gogglebox Is cut off by 'BT Tower' test card at end of show

Today’s episode of Gogglebox was prematurely canceled by a ‘BT Tower’ test card.

Fortunately for the audience, the interruption came just as the credits began to run.

But the colorful test card would have had a lot to do with the volume control because of the high level of noise that accompanied it.

It was an entertaining episode where Jenny left viewers hysterical with a classic one-liner about the BBC smash hit cop drama Vigil set on a submarine.

“I couldn’t live down there all these months, could I, Lee?” Jenny asked. “I like bingo and it must be terrible not being able to go out.”

Elsewhere on the show, Sophie Sandiford celebrated passing an online floristry course by appearing in a hat and dress on hit TV show Channel 4.

And Giles Wood admitted that he ran into gas during the weeks of fuel shortage because he was “having a wedding tomorrow.”

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