Money Heist Season 2 Review Netflix’s Most Engrossing Show Makes A Splash And Then Goes Out On A High Note!!

According to folklore, the devil’s greatest trick was to tell the universe that he didn’t exist. Likewise, the biggest trick of the Spanish TV show Money Heist was to convince the audience that they were watching a robbery drama about a group of robbers who broke into Spain’s Royal Mint, printed a billion euros and fled with it.

What the audience didn’t realize – and couldn’t have guessed – was that they were watching a love story. In reality, there are many love stories: the first flush of romantic love, the bond between brothers, brothers in arms, and the strong, lasting bond between father and son. The robbery, as wonderful and entertaining as it may be, is just a warm-up act.

The series’ original title, La Casa De Papel, which translates to ‘The House of Paper’, is far more interesting than the boring, predictable Money Heist, which could turn viewers off just by the title.

During Season 2 of Money Heist, love is everywhere. Season 1 ended with the enigmatic and cerebral professor breaking rule number 1 of his carefully thought-out plan: there are no attachments. By falling in love with the lead investigator of the case, Raquel Murillo. She also happened to discover the thieves’ original hideout and training ground, complete with DNA and incriminating evidence, and is one step closer to her husband’s arrest.

Pun fully intended. While Tokyo is undeniably the subject of Season 1, the crux of Season 2 is the relationship between the Professor (aka Salva Martin or Sergio Marquina) and Raquel, the woman he distracts all day with cat-and-mouse games and who drives him to distraction with very different kinds of games in the evenings they spend together.

What could have easily slipped into the overly dramatic Telenovela-esque territory of star-crossed lovers, making viewers roll their eyes, instead feels won and real (unfortunately not a given for TV relationships these days). It also helps that the actors are great in their roles and their chemistry doesn’t hit the charts.

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I found myself pressing the rewind button on my remote repeatedly to replay their scenes. We’ve been the age of difficult men for far too long: Walter White, Don Draper, Tony Soprano, and many others. We must sympathize and empathize with flawed masters of the universe.

Money Heist Season 2

Money Heist does a fantastic job of letting us sympathize and empathize with the two female characters, Tokyo and Superintendent Racquel (and to a lesser extent the rest of the supporting female cast). Look at the world from their eyes: laughed at, ignored and contradicted. Women who prioritize their own interests and professions.

Fear not, those who have no interest in matters of the heart: the action is heartbreaking, the story is scandalous without being bizarre, and you will marvel at the imagination and more often than not.

Money Heist is without a doubt Netflix’s most binge-worthy series.

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