Monica’s Gang – Lessons: new teaser presents Tina

The Limoeiro district is back! Monica’s Gang: Lessons just got a new teaser with new visuals. For the first time we see characters such as Tina (Isabelle Drummond), Rolo (Gustavo Merighi) and teacher Vânia (Malu Mader). The film is a sequel to Turma da Mônica: Laços, released in 2019, which brought more than 2 million viewers to the cinema. Checking out:

In the new adventure, Mônica (Giulia Benite), Cebolinha (Kevin Vechiatto), Magali (Laura Rauseo) and Cascão (Gabriel Moreira) must deal with the consequences of a mistake at school, while also dealing with the end of childhood and the beginning of enter adolescence. . The interpreters of the children’s parents will also return: Moniza Iozzi, Paulo Vilhena, Fafá Rennó, Luiz Pacini, Angélica Paula, Beto Schultz and Adriano Paixão.

The film will be an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, developed by brothers Vitor and Lu Cafaggi for the Graphic MSP project and launched in 2015. Turma da Mônica: Lições will be directed by Daniel Rezende, also responsible for the previous film. slated to hit theaters on June 24, after the December premiere was delayed.

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