Monopoly 'reimagining' all 16 Community Chest cards because of pandemic

For the first time in its over 85-year history, Monopoly has announced that it is reinventing all 16 Community Chest Cards.

True to its long history of inviting fans to make changes to the game, and at a time when community means more than ever, Monopoly is asking consumers around the world to vote on the 16 new cards

With topics like beauty pageants, vacation pay, and life insurance, it’s undeniable that the Monopoly game’s Community Chest Cards are long overdue for an update. And from the unprecedented year 2020, the term “community” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Monopoly is betting that the fans in the legendary board game will think about what community means in their real life by voting for new cards such as “Shop Local”, “Rescue A Puppy” or “Helping Your Neighbors”.

To further demonstrate its commitment to the community, Monopoly will open its community box to give back to the neediest communities across the country. A number of exciting activities are planned for the summer.

“Since Monopoly became a household name more than 85 years ago, the world has changed and embraced a new sense of community – especially after the unprecedented 2020,” commented Anne Leonhardi, Marketing Director Northern Europe at Hasbro.

“With the community more important than ever, this year is the perfect time to give fans across the country the chance to show what community means to them by voting on the new Community Chest cards – and for Monopoly -Champion to give back the philanthropic spirit of the nation through the Community Chest Fund ”.

The new Monopoly game featuring fan-chosen Community Chest Cards will be available this fall. Visit to vote for the new Community Chest Cards that best represent you and your community!

Voting is open until Friday the 9th th April 2021.


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