Morbius Cut the Biggest Teasing Spider-Man Trailer

Looking at the trailersit becomes clear that different Spider Man teasers and other moments taken from real life morbius movie shown in the cinema.

Morbius hit theaters and revealed that several moments had been removed from the trailers, including some of the biggest Easter eggs and Spider-Man teasers. The film starring Jared Leto as the titular Dr. Michael Morbius was positioned as the birth of a new Marvel legend in Sony’s Spider-Man universe (and a larger multiverse including the MCU). However, almost all of these connections have been broken, including some other key points shown in the trailers.

Born with a rare blood disorder, Michael Morbius has devoted his life to finding a cure for himself, his friend Milo (played by Matt Smith), and everyone who suffers from their illness. Morbius resorted to more dangerous and unconventional methods, focusing on vampire bats and their ability to split blood when consumed. After making a serum by combining bats’ DNA with that of humans, he tested the “drug” on himself. Though it seemed to work and even give him strength, bloodlust and vampire transformations turned the drug into a dark curse. However, it made Morbius something of an anti-hero, like in Marvel comics.

However, several points that could connect Morbius to the rest of the Spider-Man movies, as shown in the trailers, were not found anywhere in the movie itself. Several interesting Easter eggs were cut out and entire scenes suggested were removed. Here’s every Spider-Man teaser and more from Morbius trailers that ended up being nothing more than trailer bait.

“Morbius” Pulled A Teaser About Spider-Man “Killer” From Trailers
The biggest teaser at a distance was, of course, the image of the spider catcher itself. After escaping from prison and on the run, Morbius walks down an alley in New York, where you can see a poster of Spider-Man covered in graffiti, calling him a murderer. While this is an implied reference to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and his post-Spider-Man: Far from Home stature after Mysterio made him look like a killer, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man image on the poster was certainly odd (to say the least). not to mention Morbius’ existence). in a separate universe). Oddly enough, this is also a screenshot of Maguire’s downloadable costume for the PS4 Spider-Man video game. At the same time, the poster was nowhere to be seen in the same frame as in the full movie.

Interestingly, director Daniel Espinosa recently confirmed that the Spider-Man poster wasn’t something he ever used in his movie, and was instead added by those who made the trailers. While this explains the weirdness of it being Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, while the graffiti refers to Tom Holland, it’s only natural that some still find it disappointing, actually showing a connection there to begin with. wasn’t. However, the Spider-Man poster isn’t the only thing that has been removed.

Morbius Cut The Trailer Oscorp Reveal

Another major discovery and connection to Spider-Man was the addition of an Oscorp to the city skyline in Morbius trailers. However, the iconic building and company created by the Green Goblin, Spider-Man’s nemesis, didn’t make the list either. Its removal may be related to Sony’s attempt to avoid speculation as to which Spider-Man exists in their cinematic universe, as the building featured prominently in the Andrew Garfield starring “The New Spider-Man” films. While the skyscraper in the Morbius trailers is different from the one seen in the Garfield movies, the logos have remained the same.

Everything else, a Morbius movie from trailers

It’s no exaggeration to say that almost every moment of the trailer, with the exception of larger computer graphics frames, can only be found in the trailers themselves. Although Michael Keaton’s MCU Vulture was featured in Morbius, he was briefly in the post-credits scene. The conversation he saw with Morbius in the trailers while he was still in custody never happened. In addition, Morbius’s conversation with Dr. Emil Nicholas (Jared Harris) on the risks that ‘the medicine will be worse than the disease’ curtailed. There was also no conflict in the forest with the authorities, as they teased. Even the moment when Morbius sings Beethoven’s “To Elise” was removed from the film. While it’s likely that the test screenings coupled with the success of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” led to some of these cuts, it’s certainly disappointing if viewers were hoping to see the moments they saw in the “Morbius” trailers. .”

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