More jobs on offer as virus restrictions ease, study suggests

The number of vacancies has increased as Covid restrictions gradually ease, new research shows.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) announced that 146,000 new job ads were posted in the third week of March, bringing the total to 1.29 million.

The number has increased in recent weeks, particularly for veterinarians, bricklayers, sales and retail assistants, and the hospitality industry role, a report said.

According to REC, there has also been a higher proportion of advertisements for temporary jobs in recent weeks.

CEO Neil Carberry said the past two weeks have been the best for a year to post new jobs, adding, “There are particularly positive signs for the retail, leisure and hospitality industries as companies in these sectors reopen want to prepare.

“We continue to see the importance of temporary work to help companies and workers get back on their feet.”

He added: “When we get to the end of the pandemic, job creation will return. It is clear, however, that the recovery will not create exactly the same economy as it did before.

“Getting to work is important – especially for young people who were hardest hit in the past year. But also the transition from jobs to growing sectors in which there is already a shortage of workers and skilled workers.

“Reforming our qualifications system, including the apprenticeship tax, and improving the effectiveness of the new immigration system for our economy will be major debates in the months and years to come.”


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