More on recording voice chats on PS5 from Sony

More on recording voice chats on PS5 from Sony

Sony has provided more details on a controversial new PlayStation voice chat recording feature, first mentioned in the latest 8.0 update released earlier this week. This feature has led some users to believe that the company will actively record and track conversations between private groups.

Catherine Jensen, Sony’s vice president of global consumer experiences, acknowledged in a new blog post on Friday that the company should “explain more clearly why this functionality is available.”

“Its sole purpose is to help report inappropriate behavior, including acts that violate our Community Code of Conduct,” Jensen said with Sony saying next month. He wrote. “Please note that this feature does not actively monitor or listen to your conversations and is strictly reserved for reporting online harassment or insults.”

Instead, the company says the feature will continuously record the last five minutes of each private voice chat. That way, if a user is confronted with harassment or anything that he thinks violates Sony’s rules on player behavior, they can send a 40 second clip for the Sony moderation team to review. This includes 20 seconds of potentially annoying behavior selected by the user, 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the section selected for the added context.

“These reports can be sent directly through the PS5 console and then sent for review to our Consumer Experience team who will listen to the recording and take action if necessary. Some reports submitted are not valid and our team will use this as an opportunity to provide guidance and training. Jensen explains.

Jensen says there is no option to turn off voice chat recording. Because Sony says it wants “all users to feel safe playing with others online, not just those who choose to activate.”


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