More than 1.6 million newly eligible people in England receive coronavirus booster invite

More than 1.6 million people newly eligible for a coronavirus booster vaccine will be invited to come forward next week.

So far, around 9.5 million booster invites have been sent to people in England, and more than six million jabs have been delivered in the first six weeks of launch, according to NHS England.

More than half of eligible people over 50 and over two-thirds of people over 80 received the third dose, the service said.

Eligible individuals include adults over 50, people living in nursing homes, frontline health and social workers, adults with pre-existing medical conditions that make them more susceptible to the coronavirus, and those they live with.

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The deputy director of the NHS vaccination program, Dr. Nikki Kanani said the numbers are “encouraging” and advised anyone who receives an invitation to take up the offer.

Dr. Kanani said: “It is encouraging to see that, thanks to the efforts of NHS staff, millions of people have had their booster vaccinations in just over six weeks, with over half of those eligible over 50 already protected if we like no other go in the winter other.

“I recently got my booster at a local pharmacy and with more people getting involved every day, I encourage anyone who receives their text or letter invitation to book an appointment and get their potentially life-saving booster as soon as they get it can.

“The vaccine is simple, quick and effective and will help us protect the country from the virus as much as possible.”

In total, more than 86 million doses of coronavirus have been administered since it started in December 2020 and nine out of ten adults have received their first dose.

People eligible for a booster dose will be invited to inject at least six months after their second dose, so the number of eligible people will change daily.

Text invitations will come from NHSvaccine and will include a link to the NHS website that will direct people to their next vaccine site.

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