More than five million people in England have had first Covid jab

According to preliminary data from NHS England, including first and second doses, there were a total of 5,526,071 Covid-19 vaccinations in England between December 8 and January 22, an increase of 425,596 from Friday’s figures.

Of that number, 5,085,771 was the first dose of the vaccine, an increase of 424,478 from Friday’s numbers, while 440,300 was the second dose, an increase of 1,118.

Data from NHS England shows a total of 600,568 shocks were administered to people in London between December 8 and January 22, including 545,815 first doses and 54,753 second doses.

This compares to 969,979 first doses and 67,097 second doses given to people in the Midlands for a total of 1,037,076.

The distribution for the other regions is as follows:

  • North East and Yorkshire – 832,939 first cans and 71,683 second cans for a total of 904,622
  • Northwest – 711,594 first doses and 63,401 second doses for a total of 774,995
  • Southeast – 812,084 first cans and 76,229 second cans for a total of 888,313
  • Southwest – 571,449 first cans and 53,312 second cans, totaling 624,761
  • East of England – 611,622 first cans and 53,531 second cans, totaling 665,153


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