Mortifying moment plane passenger puts her bare feet on woman's head during flight

A video of the woman’s feet poking through the gap between the seats on the plane, which was posted by model Alison Bowles, has been liked over 14,000 times

The passenger was left ‘in shock’

A passenger was left ‘in shock’ after a fellow passenger put her bare feet on her head during a flight.

Model Alison Bowles posted the video, tagging the Passenger Shaming account on Instagram.

“I what laying down and felt this lady’s feet on my head. What should I do?” she said.

Alison then showed the woman’s bare feet, which had apparently touched her head as she was lying across the seats.

On the video, the woman’s red painted toes were poking through the gap between the seats.

When asked what she did about the incident, Alison said: “Nothing I was in shock.”

Most people were horrified by the video, which has been liked more than 14,000 times.

Most people were horrified by the video, which has been liked over 14,000 times



One person commented: “You absolutely have the right to tell ANYONE that they cannot have their bare feet in your personal space.”

Others had more creative suggestions to deal with the passenger: “Make an exaggerated sneeze sound while flicking some water on their feet works every time.”

Other users shared their own experiences of unwanted feet on a flight: “This happened to me leaving the Maldives. The flight attendant spritzed his feet with deodorising spray.”

Though others were more concerned about the woman’s pedicure than the matter of invading Alison’s personal space.

One user commented: “Compliments to her pedicure.”

Another waded in: “Ask her where she gets her nails done – her toes look awesome!”

Bare feet are not the only surprises that airplane passengers have witnessed recently.

A Twitter user named Anthony (@Antman0528) shared a picture of an anonymous woman sitting in the seat in front, her long dark hair draped over the top of the headrest, dangling all the way down the back to the other person’s tray table.

Alongside the image, Anthony wrote: “Would this p**s you off?”

The tweet went viral and infuriated many, garnering over 28,000 likes and thousands of responses.

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