Most common Long Covid symptoms found by new study

A new study has found the most common symptoms of the syndrome groups known as Long Covid.

While coronavirus infection can only last a few days, people report symptoms of the disease for months.

Long symptoms of Covid have been reported in one in ten people – with symptoms three or six months after contracting the virus.

According to a new study from China, coronavirus symptoms, including organ dysfunction and depression, could plague those affected for months after the initial infection The mirror.

Of the 1,733 patients admitted to Wuhan’s Jin Yin-tan Hospital at the start of the pandemic in January 2020, 63 percent were still suffering from fatigue in May.

Another 26 percent still had trouble sleeping, and a third of the patients had signs of kidney problems, including buildup of waste in the blood.

Writing in the medical journal The lancetDr. Cao Bin of the China Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing said, “Most patients continue to live with at least some effects of the virus after leaving the hospital and highlight the need for follow-up care.”

Dr. Cao said that nearly a quarter of the participants suffered from depression and anxiety almost half a year after being admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Coronavirus was first discovered in Wuhan in late 2019, when the first outbreak of the virus was linked to a food market in the capital.


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