Most Popular TV Shows For College Students

College is one of the ideal times for many people. The old people look back at it with nostalgia, while young children dream about it with anticipation. However, the reality of college is that people try to find a balance between learning and entertaining some aspects of their lives.

Binge-watching TV shows are one of the most popular ways for college students to let off some steam. With the charms that come with every stage of life, this is one of the most popular students. Some students are fed up with the intellectual baggage they take a few days off to watch TV and forget about the whole school around them. This article is about the most popular TV shows that will give you a fresh perspective on your life.

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    Grey’s Anatomy

One of the most popular medical dramas was, of course, House MD, but Grey’s anatomy recently beat its competitor House. While House MD is finished, Grey’s Anatomy is still pushing strongly.

Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of drama that revolves around doctors, nurses, interns and hospital residents trying to make sense of their professional reviews.

During each episode, different medical cases are shown along with the doctor dramas.

  1. Grown-ish

Grown-esque debuted in 2018, and it’s still going on. It’s similar to Black-ish, following the same format with a single perspective and lots of jokes. Black-ish, however, is more family-oriented, but Grown-ish has incorporated a lot of young adult content. The show follows young Zoey as she begins her life in college, and this would be very interesting for other students who sail the same boat.

Social pressures and new opportunities teeter the web of college life, and any student embarking on the college trip would relate and find parallels in their and Zoey’s lives.

The new situations, people and academic positions make the show very dynamic.

  1. How do you get away with murder?

Twisting the standards and unusual for a college TV show. The show follows the lives of law students and their teacher, who is a practicing lawyer. The teacher makes the students work in her company where they commit murder.

Set in two parallels, the series dances back and forth between the present and the future with two storylines until they culminate in the middle. This conceals mystery and character study that shows how the world can be corrupt and how different people react to situations.

Students watching this show will relate to who they are and what to do.

  1. Pitch perfect

Pitch Perfect is an exciting film taken from a book of the same name. It follows the life of a young Becca Mitchell as she reluctantly attends college in obedience to her father. The agreement was that she had to pass her studies and participate in an extracurricular activity. The extracurricular activity she chooses has to do with music, so she finds herself with many new experiences. Her singing group is an all-female singing group, and it has a rivalry with an all-male group that makes it more fun.

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  1. Dear whites

This TV show is notably a big hit at the moment. It is based on a 2014 film. The series follows a group of young black people as they try to navigate through the university. Since they are black, it involves some racial politics along with other aspects of everyday college life. Unlike many hit TV shows, this show follows a satirical tone. It includes several storylines as well as the main ones. The main focus is the university trying to lift the racial minority haven, which is the driving force behind events, including the protagonist’s career.

The Central Conflict is the main cast that tries to combat university and institutionalized racism and spotlight unbelievable events. The story is layered and it would be a good watch for anyone.

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It wouldn’t be easy to talk about college comedy without mentioning Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Crime show enthusiasts and comedy fans alike join forces in this series as the infinitely lovable Andy Samberg unravels various criminal cases during the 99th Precinct. The show also highlights the other group of detectives creating parallels with everyday life. Each episode lasts 20 minutes, which makes it better for a busy student.

Joan Young once said, “We are so busy looking forward to what lies ahead that we no longer enjoy where we are today.” Don’t let this be your predicament, grab a good sitcom to help you unwind after a long day at school.

  1. Veronica Mars

This one is a heartbreaking teen mystery drama. It is about the life of a young Veronica, a student who helps her father. Her father is a private investigator and in every episode, Veronica helps out with small parts of the cases as she tries to unravel an even greater mystery. Most excitingly, most of the cases Veronica is supposed to solve involve her former classmates and friends.

One of the mysteries concerns the murder of a school principal. Like many college shows, there is also an emphasis on academic challenges.

  1. Community

This is a classic sitcom about college students attending a fictional Colorado college. It is less about academic life and more about the personalities of the students. The cast includes a lawyer trying to earn a bachelor’s degree he lied to, a single mom in business, and a social misfit who is overly obsessed with pop culture. The show has received so much following and critical applause.

Having someone you can relate to more easily, and watching these shows gives you a glimpse of people like you and makes life easier. There are many more tv shows for students studying in university, – feel free to find the most interesting one for you.

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