Motorway driver was eating plated meal with knife and fork

The police stopped a delivery truck that was driving in lanes on a motorway – only to find that the driver was eating a plate meal with a knife and fork.

Officers say the van driver didn’t wear a seat belt either while the plate was balanced on her lap.

North West Motorway Police officers were alerted to the driver on the M53 motorway Wednesday, The Echo reports.

A Traffic Violation Report (TOR) was issued to the driver. A TOR enables the police to impose a fixed sentence or order re-education courses.

A North West Motorway Police spokesman posted details of the incident on Twitter, saying, “M53 heading north today seen a van drifting from lane to lane.

“Patrol pulled vehicle past found that the driver was actually eating a plated meal with a knife and fork – plate balanced on his knee! Man without seat belt – issued with TORs.”


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