Move to Heaven Season 2 Is Officially Announced? Latest Updates

The feeling of loving and having someone by your side to hold you, comfort you and encourage you is a nice feeling. I wish many people have achieved all their happiness in this life and live happily. However, life is tragic and it can be difficult for people, but we have to find a way out. The new Netflix movie that came out last year told a similar story. Full of emotions and feelings, Move to Heaven is here to give you a great insight into a tragic life. As the first season nearly came to an end, fans are still jumping on to see what’s going to happen in the future Han Guru and his uncle. Things will become clearer one day Move to Heaven Season 2 will appear on the screen.

With 9.2/10 ratings in MyDramaList and 8.6/10 in IMDb ratings, the show not only wins the hearts of the audience, but also the critics. Starring Lee Je-hoon, Tang Joon-sang, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jae-Wook and Hong Seung-hee, the series brings to us some of the dark social cultures, After the life of Geu-Ru (Tang Joon-sang) who lost his parents at a very young age and now has autism. The story shows us every little thing that seems very small to most of us, but in fact has a big impact on people’s lives.

What I personally love about this series is how audiences have kept their faith in the plot and how the creators have tried their best to reach their audience’s faith right up to the final episodes. From the beginning, the series revolves around the main character and keeps the viewers enthralled until the end of the season.

The series has a lot of respect for the great content and the appreciation of the fans for the great performances of the cast. But the show doesn’t end with a great ending. It seems that something needs to be cleared up and that’s why the audience believes in the second season. Here’s everything you need to know about Move to Heaven Season 2 in detail.


Move to Heaven Season 2: What can we expect with it?

Move to Heaven Season 2

Since the first season left a lot of strings, there are a lot of things that could happen in the coming season. For now there is no confirmation on the possible plot, but we have a lot of things to discuss, the fans are also putting out their theories for the possible season 2.

In the past season we have seen that Geu-Ru’s lawyer contacted him and asked for his father’s remaining ashes from the memorial park. But because he was very close to him, he didn’t want his father’s last memories to leave him, so he was especially not happy about all these things that happened. The incident left him unscathed and he left the place and ran away.

Meanwhile, the incident brings his lawyer and uncle back together, but it seems that Sang-gu cannot keep an eye on Geu-Ru and he cannot become a good guardian. In the final episodes, we see that things get a bit messed up and all sorts of things happened with Geu-Ru’s custody. He already wanted to hang out with Sang-Gu, but it wasn’t limited to whether the court will allow him to be the legal guardian

A lot of things happen in private too. Since it is a Korean drama, we can accept that there will be a romantic form in the show. The story reveals that Na-Mu has a crush on Gue-Ru. Her genuine feelings for her have already been seen and we are looking forward to the results. The final season unfolds their romance, but things get even more intense.

We know that Jun-Yeong has a love interest for Na-Mu. The love triangle can become a big deal for the three of them. With growing concern among people already growing about what will happen and whose heart will break in the future, fans are very excited.

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Move to Heaven Season 2: Who’s in it again?

Move to Heaven Season 2 Updates

Fans would be thrilled to hear that the series’ second season would bring Lee Je-Hoon back as Cho Sang-gu. Audiences are already expecting the lead role in the show to return and we hardly believe the show will bring back all the main characters in the show.

It would be safe to say that Tang Joon-sang will be returned as Han Geu-Ru. In the first season we saw how these two characters have flashback memories and it is very possible that the second season will do the same with the show and bring back the younger selves of these characters.

So, fans could expect Ji Jin-hee as Han Jeong-woo and Kim Ju-yeon as Min Ji-won to reprise his role in the upcoming season. These two characters will be featured in the Geu-Ru’s memories and will once again make some of the big changes with the show itself.

Plus, there will be more characters reportedly coming back because of how things ended. The series also follows Jeong-woo’s parents on the show, meaning they too will be featured. Park Jun-Yeong (Hongseok), Oh Mi-ran (Jung Young-Joo), Su-Cheol’s (Park Jung-Won) make their big comeback on the show.

Additionally, Madam Jung (Jung Ae-Young), Son Woo-rim (Choi Soo-Young), Lee Ju-yeong (Yoon Ji-Hye) will also return to Heaven season 2.

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Move to Heaven Season 2: Will there be another season?

Move to Heaven Season 2

Move to Heaven follows a great story that is becoming more and more popular among the people. The show is gaining popularity worldwide after viewers hype the show on social media platforms. Move to Heaven is a great series that has a huge potential to become more popular among people. After the release of the first season, the fans were blown away by the storyline and started moving forward with the story,

The show has an intriguing storyline and anyone who invests their good 10 minutes in the show can conclude everything about the show. The fans appreciate the show but on the other hand they also demand the second season. The series remained unclear and now fans are working on the series and are beginning to look for future updates.

Moreover, the recent trends of the multiple seasons are well accepted by the Korean studio. Previously, we have seen that all Korean shows follow the theme of limited series. But since their shows got worldwide coverage, the channels started to realize the multi-season world and also go with the trend.

Move to Heaven Season 2 has the potential to be renewed, but officials have not confirmed anything yet. The season renewal is still on hold and there are many things that viewers are waiting for.

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Move to Heaven Season 2: When is it coming out?

Move to Heaven Season 2 Is Officially Announced? Latest Updates 1

There is no official confirmation regarding the renewal of the series; fans are firmly convinced that the series will return for another season. The first season was quite dramatic and unlike most Korean shows, it didn’t do well.

The fans were looking forward to a perfect ending, but because they didn’t get it, it came as a big hindrance to them. The fate of the series is still in the hands of the studio and even Netflix it seemed a bit off

The OTT platform has not yet revealed anything about the show. For now, there is nothing to reveal about the show. Fans still believe in the potential of the second season and the show will take place in the future.

If all goes well, we can say that the show will be renewed before the end of this year. That concludes that the series will be released sometime in 2022 or 2023.

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