Mozilla Launches Firefox 97 With Occasional Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Mozilla released on Tuesday (8) Firefox 97, the latest version of the browser, which arrives for all platforms. Unlike other updates, this one does not bring any big news or new features, being restricted to bug fixes and small improvements in terms of security.

One of the adjustments made with the update is the implementation of support for the new style of scroll bars in Windows 11. But this novelty is only available for those who use the browser on devices with the new generation of Microsoft’s operating system installed.

According to the entity, a “try again” button was also added to the program’s native capture function, in addition to improvements in support for the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature. There are still some code changes aimed at developers.

On macOS, the new version of Firefox comes with changes to the loading of system fonts, making opening and switching between tabs faster in certain situations. And on Linux, support for direct generation of PostScript for printing has been removed, but support for PostScript printers remains active.

Custom themes removed

The debut of the successor to Firefox 96, released in January, marks the departure of 18 custom themes for the browser, which had been introduced in November of last year. However, Mozilla gives the user the option to keep their preferred versions as long as they are saved before installing the update.

As for bug fixes, the developer has made available the complete list of issues resolved in the build on its website, where you can also find the new policies implemented. The update for Mozilla Firefox 97 is being automatically distributed to all users.

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